Class " A " Licensed and Insured
2705 121754 A

Matthew J Miller Inc.

703 204 0919


Brush Removal
    We can remove brush, branches, or downed trees

    We use mechanical equipment to edge concrete curbs and sidewalks. It is not recommended to edge blacktop surfaces to to the 
    brittleness of the blacktop material. We edge at the beginning of the mowing season and include this service through out the year 
    at no charge with our lawn contracts

Gutter Cleaning
    We recomend cleaning gutters twice a year. Once in June and again in December. We do not recomend any of the current gutter
    guard on the market. Ice damming occurs more often with gutter guards. This is when snow starts to melts and backs up on the 
    guards and refreezes. The ice can actually get under the shingles and cause damage to the roof and structure of the house.

Leaf Removal
    Starting in October we start cleaning yards. We offer services to haul the leaves away or place them at the curb for county pickup.
    Several seasonal customers will rake their own leaves to the curb for us to vacum the leaves and haul away.

    Spring and fall are the best times of the year to overseed. We recomend to overseed after aeration or thatching. This allows the 
    seed a greater chance to establish roots and grow.

    We can transplant bushes in the early spring and fall. We do not recommend transplanting during the summer due to  the stress
    placed on the plants.    

    We offer services trimming bushes during the growing season of the summer.

    Weeding can be done by using Round-up on large areas were no other plants exist.

Yard Clean Up
    Yard clean ups can be done year round. In the spring we clean yards from the winter damage. Summer clean ups occur after 

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