Class " A " Licensed and Insured
2705 121754 A

Matthew J Miller Inc.

703 204 0919

Flooring & Trim

We install tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring.
Ceramic tile come in many sizes, colors and patterns. Tile can be installed in diagonally or in other patterns. Grout colors can be matched to the tile or used to empasize colors in the tile.

Laminates are a floating floor system. These floors can be used in many areas of your home. Laminates can be installed quickly and come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Easy care flooring with comfort under foot.

Wood floors come prefinished colors and sheens. The majority of flooring on the market used is oak and maple. There are green materials such as cork and bamboo.

Vinyl flooring is still used but tends to need more maintenance in the long run. If water gets under the vinyl it can harbor mold and discolor.

We work with several carpet installers.
We install floor molding, door molding and crown molding
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